Frequently Asked Questions
4. I cannot access the Online Resource Center (ORC) The Online Research Center (ORC) was permanently discontinued. It was using older technology that was not very functional and user friendly and we were regularly having problems with it.  The ORC has been replaced by the Global University Library Site which includes the new Course Research Guides (CRGs). You do not have to log in to the Library Site in order to access the Course Research Guides. Anyone can access them if they would like.  Degree-level (undergraduate and graduate) students, GU approved faculty members, and national office staff can log into the Global University Library Site. By logging into the Library Site, you will be able to access the additional licensed resources such as scholarly journal databases, Encyclopedia Britannica, and CREDO Reference. All of the other resources on the library site – including the COURSE RESEARCH GUIDES (CRGs) which have replaced the Online Research Center (ORC) – are available to everyone without having to log in. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding logging into these sites. God bless!