Frequently Asked Questions
5. Why is it important to follow the instructions of the exam sheet (scantron sheet) GIT Always use the original scantron answer sheet we send. Copies will not be accepted by the machine. PENCIL, not ink, must be used. Ink is not “read” by machine. Answers will need to be marked over with pencil. Marking the circles for the student number, course code and exam form correctly assure the correct student and exam are being graded. Review the scantron answers before sending in. Recently we have had several answer sheets returned to us with no answers given on the back side (second page) of the answer sheet. Perhaps students have placed their answers in the exam booklet and not transferred them to the answer sheet. Two answers for one question will always be counted incorrect – even if one of the answers is correct. Remind students to erase clearly and give only one answer. Answers need to be marked darkly. A good way to know they are dark enough is to see if you can easily view what the letter is behind the mark. If the letter shows through the pencil marking, it is too light. Sometimes as students are marking the answer, they will circle the letter then the marks are around the letter and you can still see the letter. Anytime this happens, the grading machine sees “no answer” which can be overlooked as I scan over the answers and be counted as incorrect. Make sure exam supervisor has signed and given the date the exam was completed and that you have signed as national director or your official stamp has been posted. Student’s survey answers should be posted on the lower portion of the exam answer sheet. No staples or folding of the answer sheet. This causes the machine to “jam” and then the answer sheet is really messed up!!