Frequently Asked Questions
6. Why are academic standards and accreditation important  Most often, an education program is required to meet certain education standards in its formulation and delivery. These standards may be set by the government, a professional association, an academic accrediting agency, or the parent body itself. In most countries the government, such as through a ministry of education, serves as the accrediting body. In the United States, this function is performed by private associations. GU is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and the Distance Education and Training Council, both recognized by the US Department of Education. In Malta GU is recognized by the Malta Recognition Information Center and have signed protocol with the Malta Qualification Council. Academic accreditation’s main purpose is to offer quality assurance that (1) students are receiving education commensurate with the institution’s declared purpose and goals and (2) the education is within appropriate academic, fiscal, and administrative guidelines. Certain performance standards may be required to help graduates matriculate* into more advanced programs. In the case of the church, the denomination or church may require the student to successfully complete a recognized curriculum to receive clergy status.