Global University and The Evangelical Alliance of Malta Monday, 10 January 2011 Vision in Progress January gave start to a long waited vision. Global University and The Evangelical Alliance, organized a course in leadership for the churches in Malta. The long awaited vision that leaders in Malta will have academic credentials added to their calling has began its journey. The organizers are satisfied and very encouraged by the attendance. Thirty-two students are attending the course. Twenty-five of them ordered the course and most of them are optimistic they will take the final exam. Global University Director, Pastor Joseph Agius, believes taking the exam is the whole point for the program. One can get a certificate of completion, but it will not give him accreditation. Pastor Patrick Stevenson, a member of the board of the Global University directors concur with the vision as other influential pastors such as Pastor Edwin Caruana the president of the Evangelical Alliance. Four churches have participated in the program. Some students, for various reasons, are taking advantage of Global University’s method of study, by doing the course at home. Some attend when they can, but all are committed to complete the course. The pictures on this page are of lesson 2. Why no pictures of lesson 1? The answer is every one was so excited that no one remembered to take pictures although two camera were brought for the occasion. Global university and TEAM asks you for your prayers and to thank God for what He is doing through TEAM and GU. Historical Event 32 Students attending the course Pastor Joseph F. Laudi teaching lesson 2