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A humble man, who loves Jesus and is grateful  about his life and the ones he is sharing it with,  both in his personal life and ministry. This is Dr.  Randy Hedlun, (Randy as he wants to be  called) is the Dean of the Berean School of  Bible which forms Part of Global University  ( Dr. Hedlun's  accepted the invitation by Pastor Joseph Agius  Director of Global Institute of Theology Malta  ( which is the Institute  representing Global University in Malta, to  come and visit the Maltese islands and  respective learning centres.   "I was really looking forward for this visit as I  repute the work that Global Institute of  Theology Malta is doing as a benchmark and a  model of how an institute should be managed."  Dr. Hedlun remarked admiringly.  A 5 day visit packed with appointments as  Pastor Joe Agius wanted to make sure to get  the maximum out of Dr. Hedlun's visit. After  visiting learning centres both in Malta and  Gozo, Dr. Hedlun remarked " I am impressed  by the organisational and administration  excellence. " A significant statement coming  from a person who visited and evaluated a lot of  institutes representing Global University around  the world. A very encouraging recognition for  Pastor Joe and his team.    It is certainly a bright start for Global Institute of  Theology who's vision statement is "To win the  Lost, to train the found, everywhere." Offering  from basic Christian life courses up to Master of  Arts and Masters of Divinity. One major  advantage in pursuing studies with Global  University is that its accreditation is globally  recognised, including the Malta Qualifications  Recognition Information Centre (MQRIC).   " The main scope of accreditation is not for the  certificates per se but they do open for us doors  of opportunities to share the message about  salvation and the good news about Jesus in a  more effective and authoritative way." Dr.  Hedlun remarked. 
Dr. Hedlun advised " Solid foundations has  been laid for GIT, the key for a bright future is  to persevere and not be moved by numbers  but only by the vision." He also has a word of  advice to Christians in Malta " Every Christian  should commit to lifelong learning as it is  extremely dangerous not to do so. When  stopping the learning process, it is like  deciding to live an unhealthy life, you won't  see an immediate negative impact but it will  deteriorate by time since if you are not feeding  on the Word of God than your mind is being  occupied by something else."  Pastor Joe Agius has been the person who  interacted most with Dr. Hedlun since the  conception of GIT Malta,"The first time I  communicated with Dr. Hedlun was about two  years ago. Immediately I was impressed with  his humility. Although he is the Dean of the  Berean School of the Bible, and an academic,  he related with me as a friend whom he has  known for years. As we kept communicating  and finally met in person, I realized how   Global University’s ideologies are personified  in him.  His whole being is committed to serve  the students. I see Dr. Hedlun’s love for the  students and their education in Rabbi Judah  the holy’s well-known saying: “the world exists  only to breathe the breath of school children.”  It is this kind of commitment to the students  that will benefit GIT. He has now a personal  experience with us and the work we are doing.  He will do all he can to help us accomplish our  goals for Christian Education to further the  Kingdom of God in Malta. GIT does not belong  to a local church, it belongs to the national  church. And therefore, having the support of  someone like Dr. Hedlun is of great advantage  to the institute."  Dr. Hedlun's passion for teaching inspires  people to study and to get equipped, a Paul of  modern times. Mentioning Paul here is what  he said to his student and prodigal son  Timothy, a message which encapsulates  Dr.Hedlun's invitation for all the Christians in  Malta:  "But as for you, continue in what you have  learned and have firmly believed, knowing  from whom you learned it and how from  childhood you have been acquainted with the  sacred writings, which are able to make you  wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus.  All Scripture is breathed out by God and  profitable for teaching, for reproof, for  correction, and for training in righteousness,  that the man of God may be competent,  equipped for every good work." (2 Timothy  3:14-17)  Alton Costa 
Dr. Randy Hedlun  Article by Alton Costa